Erica has built relationships and strategic partnerships with the biggest companies in the country.

In order to monetize and continue to grow and run her own company for eight years, Erica built strategic partnerships with international companies such as Bloomingdale's, Saks Fifth Avenue, Equinox, the Four Seasons, Nordstrom, Nike, BCBG, Victoria's Secret, MillerCoors, David Barton Gym, Lululemon, Red Bull, Coca-Cola, Top Shop and Heineken. Erica also strategically aligned her brand with large companies and platforms so that they could market her company to their audience, which always results in a true win-win for both brands.



Create strategic proposals and partnership opportunities between your brand and other aligned brands.

Consult on how to best monetize your offerings, and how to present that to clients.

Brainstorm and create customized proposals and services specific to each client.

Create partnership decks and offerings.

Elisa All Schmitz

"How many times have you thought, 'If I could just clone myself, I could get it all done...'

Working with Erica enables you to actually get it all done, and get it done very well. Erica is a hard-working team player that can fill many roles within an organization, because she has pretty much done it all. From project management to sales to marketing to editorial to production and so much more, Erica is an idea person with an exceptional ability to execute. A consummate professional, her work product is the highest quality and always done ahead of deadline. Erica is a detail-oriented, big-picture person - and also a lot of fun to work with - which makes for a winning combination!"

— Elisa All Schmitz, Founder & CEO,