Do you have your own start-up and feel like things are stalled? Although your site is awesome and well-trafficked, are you having a hard time monetizing it? Do you have a website with boring copy that doesn't pop? Are you a small, medium or large company that wants help attracting a different audience? Do you have an amazing story to tell, but don't know how to tell it? Do you have a brand that needs a bit more exposure? Are you scared of social media? Do you have a vision for your dream event, but don't have the time or patience to bring it to life? I'm your girl, these things are my jam, and I'm excited to help!


The Everygirl

CNN's "Piers Morgan"

ATT's Small Biz Circle

Coco Meers PrettyQuick

"Erica is a first rate entrepreneur.

Whether she's creating her own solutions from the ground up or working with clients to achieve their objectives, her pursuit of excellence through results-orientation and breakthrough vision is unwavering. My company engaged her services to generate exposure among our target audience. Of all the marketing channels we pursued, her firm's unique 360 strategies resulted in the highest trial rate and most efficient ROI. She is an absolute delight - determined, funny, savvy, sophisticated - and always has her finger on the pulse of innovation."

— Coco Meers, Founder, PrettyQuick

Alyssa Rapp Bottlenotes AJR Ventures

"Erica is a time-tested entrepreneur and executive.

She thinks deeply and creatively, forges longterm strategic partnerships, and is always up for the next challenge. I would pull her into every project if I could."

— Alyssa Rapp, Managing Partner, AJR Ventures & Lecturer-in-Management, Stanford's Graduate School of Business